Travelzoo Website Review & Ratings + Travelzoo Coupons
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Travelzoo Website Review & Ratings + Travelzoo Coupons

Travelzoo: Products & Services

Travel Zoo, is the latest member of an ever expanding group of online travel sites. Much like its competitors, Travel Zoo uses a massive travel database to set up potential customers with the best deals on flights, hotels, cruises and train travel. The site also guarantees the lowest price available for combination packages; these packages include airfare, as well as hotel for one simple price. Travel Zoo's site claims that combining airfare and hotel, saves the traveler an average of thirty percent. The site has several features that travelers will find helpful, including travel reviews and links that hold vast amounts of information about possible travel destination.

Travelzoo: Company Background

Based out of New York, Travel Zoo was established in 1998 at the height of the internet travel boom. Travel Zoo has been lead for the last fourteen years by CEO Chris Loughlin. Travel Zoo planned to offer potential travelers more than just a place to book simple vacations and travel plans. The goal of the company is to guarantee the safety and financial worthiness of every destination they offer. Travel Zoo has also listed in their commitments, to guarantee that no price changes will occur during travel. You can read more about the company here.

Travelzoo: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Travel Zoo rates low in customer feedback. According to the website, the company rates an average of two out of five stars among travelers who have used the site for their travel needs. Some of the complaints that are readily viewable in the commenting sections, are that the company has poor customer servce, does not refund, does not offer guarantees, and they are overpriced. Another review site, rates the company a little more favorably giving them an overall score of 56 out of 100. Again, many of the complaints in this review cosisted of customer service issues.

Travelzoo: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Travel Zoo scores very poor with the Better Business Bureau, garnering an overall score of "F." The Better Business Bureau bases this information on several factors including customer feedback, known reports of issues, and the accuracy of company advertising and a comparison to the real product. Some of the things that are listed as claims against Travel Zoo are problems with billing, problems with product and service, and delivery issues. If you are interested in reading further about the BBB report, please click here. Travel Zoo is a publicly traded company, so its financial report is featured daily in the New York Times.

Travelzoo: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Travel Zoo is a moderately popular website, garnering an overall page rank score of seven out of ten according to Google., also reports that the company has an overall website renking of 2,609 according to Alexa. Travel Zoo secures and average daily viewership of approximately 421,000, and has an average monthly ads revenue of almost $40,000. While the company has gained in name recognition, it is sliding at an alarming rate in its popularity and viewership, dropping ads revenue by over $500,000, in the last five years. The site registers almost five thousand backlinks.

Travelzoo: Social Media Presence

Travel Zoo boasts a highly popular social media presence. The official Facebook profile for the company has over 300,000 likes and friends. The company also boasts a daily average of over eight thousand talkers. Travel Zoo has effectively used both Facebook and Twitter to administer coupons for savings to their most dedicated followers. Travel Zoo has a total of 24,000 followers on Twitter, and has an average of 8,000 retweets daily. 

Travelzoo: Website Security & Safety

Travel Zoo receives a clean rating from Google, and is deamed safe for use by the general public. Travel Zoo also has an outside ecommerce site to handle all transactions, and that site is listed as secure, and has no known breeches in its security structure. According to the Gooogle report, the company has had no known malicous attacks in the last ninety days, and has not been the source of any outside malicious activity. If you wish to review the Google report, you can access it here.

Travelzoo: Pricing & Packages

According to real customer reviews that can be viewed at, Travel Zoo rates low in overall pricing on their products. Travel Zoo also has several claims in their Better Business Bureau report concerning their pricing and packaging. When compared with other travel sites of equal popularity, Travel Zoo has an average price increase of 4%., also has multiple user reviews on the site that support the findings of the other site. Travel Zoo rates poor in pricing and cost.

Travelzoo: Shipping Rates & Policies

There are no shipping costs associated with this company.

Travelzoo: Payment Methods Accepted

Currently Travel Zoo uses an outside e-commerce site to handle all of the transactions that occur online. For customers who prefer to handle their business over the phone, they will not be able to do so because Travel Zoo does not list any phone numbers available for customer service (see BBB report.) Travel Zoo does accept many forms of payments including all major credit cards, as well as e-check. You may also pay for your purchase using a bank or debit card, as long as the card is endorsed by a major credit card company. For more informaton on debit cards, you should contact your local branch.

Travelzoo: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Travel Zoo has a very comprehensive and confusing return policy. Many of the complaints and issues listed in the BBB review of Travel Zoo relate to the slow and complicated return policy. Travel Zoo states in its company policy that they are bound by the rules and regulations of individual hotels and airlines concerning refund and warranty policies. Travel Zoo does offer the opportunity for travelers to purchase trip protection through an outside insurance agency. This insurance will cover 100% of the cost of a trip if t is cancelled or interupted for any reason. The insurance company is not affiliated with Travel Zoo.

Travelzoo: Product images & screenshots
Travelzoo Coupons
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